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06.09.2007, 13:32
Hello guys!

Hanschke, Blazkowicz, Tschens and me want to join the translators team.

We're releasing a common language file since DT v4.09.

Our file translates DTPro to german.

http://download.copybase.ch/redaktion/Markus/DT/DT%20Uebersetzung/217/DEU.dll (Download)

We hope for a positive decision. Thanks in advance.

06.09.2007, 14:27
please read carefully both announcements ("read first" and "how to become translator") and follow the steps in latter announcement!

Thank you for your interest!

PS: Watch out for the translation-tool, it will be released within next minutes here at this forum... makes life for translators alot easier!

06.09.2007, 15:53
in have done the request now. my reason u can see here. thx! we have done a much better german translation since 4.09x but u never look at it?

i dont do these cause i want to get a new licence. maybe a little fame ;) but the first reason is that i and the other too want to give all dt users the best translation u can get without a google bot.

to find a solution that is easy to understand for a pro and as well for a beginner who starts first time using this great application.

u have got my work via mail and the new one (a team solution) u can see the link inside my signature or u have got a mail from me.

hope it is a good reason for the future to switch to our new dll :D

06.09.2007, 17:08
I don't want an additional license, too. One is enough for me.

My motivation is like Hanschke's to make a good language file which is better than anyone created by a translation tool.

06.09.2007, 19:56
well, I can only say "good attitude" here..

BTW: The license is a gift, our "thank you" to those who invest
alot of time.

Of course in your case it's not even necessary as all of you are
already licensees (the ones who want to translate in german).

Of course this is something you can - hands down - be proud of. And as you deny to accept any further license, we can give away this license to someone who e.g. can not afford it and would
be glad to receive it! A honorable gesture imho!

The tool: The tool is imho the best method to create a new language file, for sure better than with example given resource-hacker. And keep in mind: alot (and I mean really alot) of people NEED such tool as they are not so involved in such processes. And of course we want to give a chance to
everyone to help us with translations, here the most important
point is good language-capabilities.

German is a not so easy language and therefore we accepted the "team-request" here so all of you are accepted
as our german translators!

@Hanschke: I took a look some time ago, nevertheless the
situation before (contacts, process to include new language etc) was abit unsatisfieing - hence the reason we made this
step. After all it is in our very own interest to get the really
best translations and not some cheap solutions (btw. from what I saw your team-made translation is indeed superior to all other german translations - well done!). Also we want to
stay in contact with our translators, include them to our team (assimilate:D) and hope we can give back some benefit,
e.g. exclusiv news and some other goodies (which is maybe
of more interest to you and the others as you all seems to
be really enthusiasts).

However, welcome aboard!!

ah, ps: tonight we open also the exclusiv INTERNAL translators-forum, please upload your translation directly to
it (as attachment), make suggestions there etc. etc.

06.09.2007, 20:30
I will upload the translation tomorrow then :)
it is finished now.. but i take a look at it tomorrow.. maybe i made some typos. :)

06.09.2007, 20:31
What language?

07.09.2007, 07:11
The Dutch language...
and btw.. i dont see the board.. is it open now?

07.09.2007, 11:24

nice to read from you. yes it is very nice if we have the possibility for getting a nice gift but i only wanted to say that this was not the reason for me to do this job. but if i wil get one i dont say no ;)

so i think there will be a better communication and i say thx for taking.

08.09.2007, 07:25
@chrash: No, but will hopefully be within the next hours - you can hold your breath for it!

@Hanschke: yes, a better communication was exactly our motivation why we made this forum!

08.09.2007, 13:01
thank you for the information.. i will hold my breath :P

08.09.2007, 13:05
Don't die :D

thank you for the information.. i will hold my breath :P

08.09.2007, 13:10
lol no :)

watch the date.. what is it tomorrow? .. jep!! its my birthday!! :D

08.09.2007, 13:19
lol no :)
watch the date.. what is it tomorrow? .. jep!! its my birthday!! :D

I'm older :P

08.09.2007, 13:23
Guys go back to topic.

Also thx 4 accepting me as German translator.