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18.12.2003, 20:41


After installing the 1.13 patch on my system I've noticed an increased memory consumption on my system, also I'm unable to open my cd tray without rebooting first.

The problem is that if you launch TFT 1.13 it installs a new driver on your system without asking you!
The system driver will be installed to C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Temp\
The driver will use different file name, as of know I know about lredbooo.sys and kbeepm.sys (maybe random filenames);
file size is exactly 29696 bytes and most likely dated sometime 2002.
Until now I though tactics like different file names and the invalid timestamp of the file were only used by viruses and trojans.

In some contries you even get legal issues if you install system drivers without asking the user.

The new driver is part of the new Securom version.

Now my question(s) to Blizzard:
Your game requires a CD key to play online, but why do you still cheat honest customers by using copy-protection tools which are known to cause problems? This latest version of Securom severely affects the security and stability of any system.
Do you really think it is right to install a device driver for a simple game? In the next version of the game, will it reformat my hard disk before I can play? Sounds harsh, but it's the same principle! As long as you install stuff on other computers that is potentially dangerous (with asking or not);
you're almost on the same level as a virus or trojan writer.

Please think about it, this is a very serious matter which should not be put aside quickly. And please show it to your managers as well.

Its true, in my comp, the file name is "jnv4_mib.sys", and its create all time the game is launched.

Hope this help.

21.12.2003, 02:53
Seems like Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark is similarly protected. Shiney new SecuROM 5 sux. :roll:

Does anyone have a list of what this monster checks? My system is a little cluttered, and I'm trying to make sure I don't have some old file causing a problem. Any info appreciated.

21.12.2003, 07:16
I can confirm all this. Just want to add that this driver also contains malicious code that may return wrong data to user and is extremely buggy: it can easily crash your system during CD access, simply because it violates most driver writing laws established by Microsoft.
Driver may stay loaded after game runs!
So BE warned if you are using games with this protection!
To get rid of this crap scan HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services hive
and check every service which has ImagePath pointing to TEMP folder.
Delete all such keys, clear your temp folder and reboot.
Note: if some driver is active you will be able to remove it after reboot only, because it opens itself for exclusive access.

21.12.2003, 13:37
And the funny thing is that every new Securom version still gets defeated pretty quick :twisted:
Maybe this malicious code was their last hope? :roll:
Nice try Sony! Next! :mrgreen:

23.12.2003, 13:04
it's not only that this code is useless from protection-point of view. It's
dangerous and it makes me sad that a recommended company use
such code which is able to cause trouble. This is by no means something
you want, especially, if you payed for the game, not for trouble

25.12.2003, 23:02
I have a problem understanding Sony's reasoning for going to SUCH lengths to prevent Daemon Tools (and other programs like it) from working. What's the point? They say that it CAN be used for illegal purposes, therefore they feel they have to stop it. There are other ways of making pirated games work, so why the heck risk destroying irreplaceable data on the computers of those using legal backups?

This is just way overkill.

26.12.2003, 02:43
There are other ways of making pirated games work, so why the heck risk destroying irreplaceable data on the computers of those using legal backups?

Not only it is potential harmful for those who use Daemon Tools or another
Backup-Solution - it's harmful to everyone as long as Securom-Driver is

30.12.2003, 17:36
This is like trying to kill a fly on a window by throwing a brick at it... only the fly usually flys away before the brick hits, and then you still have the fly, but also a big fuckin hole in the window :wink:

01.01.2004, 07:23
Good comparison. :D

02.01.2004, 20:21

*pokes my shiny nwn hotu cd with a stick*


*puts it back in its pack and slaps on a nocd patch for the meantime*

02.01.2004, 21:56
I can mount hoards of the underdark and play it fine. Make sure you are using the latest alcohol 120% secure rom 4/5 settings and daemon tools. :?

04.01.2004, 09:38
I have :|

heck i just cleaned the cd and made the image in the latest ver of alco again, tells me 2 put the origional disk in instead of backup :?

*slaps it*

08.01.2004, 23:46
I saw someone mention they have Horde of the Underdark mounting. Could you please post the steps you took to get this working?

I used Blindwrite 5 to create the image and cannot mount using Daemon Tools at all (game keep giving me messages about using backup copies and tells me to turn off any emulator software).

I'd rather no use the no-cd if I don't have to :lol:

09.01.2004, 00:25
I used alcohol safedisk 4/5 (or was it securerom,forgot) to make the image. I then mounted it with NO emulation options enabled in the newest daemon tools version. Works fine!

09.01.2004, 02:23
I'm pretty sure it's securerom (from what i've read here) - Which version of Alcohol did you use?