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09.09.2007, 14:39
Does anyone have a virtual drive that lets me treat it like a CD Burner. I want to rip my Sony Connect music off but dont want to waste the CDs I just want to tell it to burn to a virtual burner then I can mount the file in deamon and rip to MP3/WMA files.

Before anyone gets on me for using the sony store. I never bought anything from it all of my music was downloaded using official free codes. Plus the God of War soundtrack was a promo :)

09.09.2007, 15:10
The only thought that went in to my mind is to make an image with Alcohol 52% or 120% and mount it in DT.

Please explain you wish more precisly [oh Gosh, what is the right word?]

09.09.2007, 17:57
No the application I have has to burn to a CD. I want a virtual CD burner that instead "burn" to an ISO.

09.09.2007, 17:58
VirtualCD 9 have a virtual burner. You mount a image which contains a blank cd/dvd and then you can burn on this one.

09.09.2007, 18:02
I hope I understand your request.

You can use Nero 6 or 7.
Ashampoo Burningstudio 6.

In Nero you have to choose Image Recorder instead of your burner.

10.09.2007, 19:21
I believe he means he has an application that will only burn direct to disc, but he wants to fool it by using a virtual burner that will appear as a CD-RW drive, but instead write the files to an image.

Try searching Google for "Virtual CD-RW". That should turn up some results for you.

12.09.2007, 22:54
there are also plans from our site to integrate such device later to DT Pro Advanced.

When this functionality is implemented is unknown - we have no
ETA for this (low priority). Anyway, it IS planned ;)

16.09.2007, 19:02
would be a nice feature i think!
Good luck with the programming part :)