View Full Version : Daemon tools does not let me safely remove usb hdd (see inside for details)

10.09.2007, 07:45
I've managed to isolate the problem. It's the history function. Every time you load an image, daemon tools remembers the last image you used so next time you click load it will take you to that last used folder and image.

The problem is that IF the folder with the image is located on an external usb drive, this little function does not let it safely remove. Every time i want to remove the hdd i have to load another image from the intenal hdd or another location so daemon tools will relenquish access to that folder and file.

It happen EVEN when there is no image in the daemon drive... just that fact that it keeps this history of last used location does not let it safely remove.

Thank you.

PS. My OS is vista x64 and my rig, an HP nx9420 laptop.

13.09.2007, 11:00
Do you use latest DT 4.10? As it must fix this issue.
In any case you can just close tray icon then remove your HDD
and rerun DT again.