View Full Version : dtools casues winxp to crash if accessing bin on maped drive

08.12.2002, 03:26
My D: is a maped drive pointing to D: on my other computer where my cd images are stored. Windows should make this maped drive transparent to all programs, and any program should see it as just a regular drive, but for some reason when dtools (3.26) tries to mount any image from that maped drive winxp + sp1 crashes with a bluescreen of death. Mounting images from the local C: however works perfectly.

08.12.2002, 06:18
Any antivirus or firewall running?

12.12.2002, 04:09
No sir, no such software running on either computer, in fact dtools was the only program running on either computer when I was doing my tests. I go through msconfig on a regular basis on both computers and there is nothing loading/starting that shouldnt be there or might remotely cause any problems. Once again, no antivirus software running or even installed

I have 4 network cards here, so ive even gone as far as changing the nics in both machines to see if drivers are an issue (diff manufacturers and diff network chips). No change, XP still blue screens and crashes hard. Both computers are running same copy of winxp pro, both with SP1 installed. There are no other networking problems in my setup

12.12.2002, 12:31
I'm having a similar problem here. Dtools when used to mount an image from a network drive (Samba in my case) leads to insta-reboot.

Though I must say I have not tried much trouble shooting on my own yet...