View Full Version : My system won't boot - system hang/BSOD - or how to boot into safe mode

19.12.2003, 18:35
From dtools 3.43 up, there is a new feature on Windows NT/2000/XP. If you can't boot your system after installing dtools, you can boot into safe mode. During startup, you will see a prompt asking to cancel loading dtools scsi driver. You can hit escape at this point to cancel loading.

27.03.2004, 05:47
After you booted into system just rename or delete the above mentioned driver. Consult other thread in this forum concerning removal of Daemon drivers:
Then you can boot again into normal mode and uninstall Daemon Tools from control panel.
Please check your Windows\Minidump folder for latest memory dump file if present and report it to us so we can check this issue.