View Full Version : Suggestion: Terminal server support for DT?

19.12.2003, 18:53
Hello everyone!
Currently DT does work on a terminal server, but all the users see the same mounted images and can intefere with each other - if one user mounts an image, then another user can dismount it, because he wants to mount another image. There is also an issue in terms of privacy - if John and Mary are using the terminal server in the same time, John can see when Mary mounts and dismounts images, hence he knows what products is she using. Some commercial CD Emulators have Terminal server editions, that have support for users in different TS sessions mounting different images at the same time. Apart from that I am very happy with DT and I consider it superior to all commercial CD emulators I have evaluated so far. So, are there any plans to add such features to Daemon tools and make it more suitable for a Terminal server environment?

19.12.2003, 19:29
All users share same hardware that is installed on server - how all users may mount different images? Imagine your terminal server has some CDROM attached, do you thinks 2 users can insert 2 different CDROMs into it?;-) Daemon Tools acts same as any other hardware - it is not virtual, it is real. It just uses images instead of real discs.