View Full Version : Problem un-installing

Jack the Smack
20.12.2003, 08:10
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: doesn't concern this
Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti Virus
DAEMON Tools Version: Don\\\'t know. 3.3x I think, not sure.

Okay, so I had to re-install windows, and I made a backup of the files in the registry. But whenever I try to load daemon tools it says its missing a .dll. So I try to re-install, but it says it can't find an msi file to u-install the old one. I deleted the registry entry named daemon, and then I deleted the installation folder. It still says oit's installed. What do I have to delete to completly rid of it?

Jack the Smack
20.12.2003, 08:45
Never mind. I fixed it by deleting all Daemon Tool regitry entities. THen it installed without un-installing.