View Full Version : YASU on xp x64

20.09.2007, 21:17
The game in Question is The Sims Pet Stories

YASU+DTLite 4.10 get this game working perfectly fine on WinXP x86 but on XP x64 the "Conflict with emulation Software" persists whether I run YASU or not. (And no I do not run both on VM, they are separate computers, 1 with XP x634 and the other xp x86)

I am not sure if it is just me, or whether YASU is x86 specific, so please let me know if there is known workaround for this issue.
(ProtectionID 5.2c gives only Securom 7.xx /SafeDisc API/Serials; exact version number is not given when I scan it)

21.09.2007, 18:41
one thing to add... I tried YASU 1.3 and 1.4 respectively (DTlite 4.10 only, however)

26.09.2007, 22:17
bump ... ):

27.09.2007, 23:19
I'm using YASU 1.4 in Windows XP x64, and that works just fine. Have you tried turning off all emulation options in Daemon Tools (having them enabled can often trigger error messages such as the one you mentioned).