View Full Version : CD-ROM acting strange

21.09.2007, 02:54
After downloading and then unistalling DT, my CD-Rom started acting weird. The drive is supposed to read DVDs and CDs, but now it only reads DVD discs. Is there any advice you can give me to fix this problem? Thank you very much.

01.10.2007, 17:34
I have the same exact problem my DVD/CD-rom burner device will only read DVD-Roms and not CD-Roms after i unistalled DT. i tryed to uninstall driver then reinstall still no luck. please help

02.10.2007, 17:40
Which devices do you two actually use?

02.10.2007, 19:26
i have an ASUS CB-5216A ATA device which worked fine before uninstall DT