View Full Version : D-Tools and CDRWin

21.12.2003, 04:40
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: CDRWin 3.9E
Anti-virus Software: NAV 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: D-Tools 3.43

Is there any way to make D-Tools' virtual drive recognizable in CDRWin 3.9E?
I have a few bin/cue cd images that have one data track and several audio tracks that need to be patched.
So far I have to burn the image to a blank cd, extract all audio tracks, reassemble the files and burn them again.
I would like skip the burning cd step and go ahead with the audio track extraction from the image.

I vaguely recalled that Alcohol 120% virtual drive is recognized by CDRWin, but it is conflicting with the data backup feature of CDRWin 3.9E.
Strangely enough, CDRWin 3.9D is 100% compatible with Alcohol 120%

Any creative/constructive suggestion is welcome!

21.12.2003, 08:01
All versions of CDRWIN are compatible with Daemon and Alcohol virtual drives.

21.12.2003, 08:07
I have no doubt that D-Tools can mount all bin/cue files.
What I am trying to say is how to make D-Tools' virtual drive to appear as a reader device in CDRWin.
Alcohol 120%'s virtual drive shows up as a reader device in CDRWin, so is there any particular reason why D-Tools can't do the same?

22.12.2003, 22:23
It appears as reader device in CDRWIN, i don't understand your problem.
Maybe it is ASPI layer prob.

23.12.2003, 07:52
I use Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2.
In the Adapter Information, D343PORT shows up.
But D-Tools' virtual drive never shows up as a Reader Device. Never did.

23.12.2003, 11:10
Try ASPI v4.60

24.12.2003, 02:27
I tried Adaptec ASPI 4.60 before and it didn't work.
Any way, it recognizes D-Tools' virtual drive now after I install Intel ChipSet driver.
I guess Windows's default drivers aren't enough...

For some odd reason, it added a new feature (read subcode info) to my NEC DVD-Rom drive.
I hate the pop-up stating you have selected an unsupported device, etc.
Oh well, at least I get the function I want.

Thanks for your help, everyone!