View Full Version : YASU cloaking crashes Bioshock

25.09.2007, 18:13
When trying to start Bioshock with YASU (tried 7070 and 7080) cloaking a daemon tools drive, Bioshock (retail, EU multilingual version) crashes even before the small splash screen comes up. The result is Windows' "Bioshock.exe has detected a problem" dialog. With the drive uncloaked, but YASU still running, the game starts.

25.09.2007, 19:19
Since I can't seem to find the edit functionality:

This happens with the original disk in a physical DVD drive that's otherwise perfectly capable to handle whatever SecuROM does. It's enough to have a cloaked Daemon drive with anything in it.

System specs and a dxdiag file can be found here: http://www.spearhead.de/sys_DireFog.shtml

25.09.2007, 19:33
Try YASU 1.4 (http://yasu.copybase.org/)

25.09.2007, 19:36

7080 is build number of YASU 1.4

25.09.2007, 21:06
Ups, I overlooked this. I rarely use Yasu.