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22.12.2003, 06:03
V1.1 patch for 'X2: the Threat' updates the copy protection to SecuROM v5.x. Now whenever I play the game I get an error telling me an emulator was detected, even if I have the original disc in my drive. I found that disabling ALL types of copy protection emulation will allow the game to run with the original game disc in the drive. Of course, with the emulation disabled the image I made of the game is useless. I downloaded and installed v3.43 of D-Tools and experienced the same results. I don't seem to be able to play any SecuROM v5 games with any of the copy protection emulations enabled, even with the original discs. Of course I want to play without the original disc, so my question is this: Is D-Tools going to be updated to allow me to play images of SecuROM v5 protected games, specifically X2:the Threat?

22.12.2003, 10:03
It works, just create an image e.g. with Alcohol (with DPM, i.e. SecuROM new v4.x profile)
then mount the image and play - you do NOT need any emulation to play with mounted image!

22.12.2003, 18:06
It works with no emulation enabeled? I would have never thought to try that. I did use Alcohol 120 to make my image, so it should work. Let me give it a shot...

I'll be damned, it worked! I'm a little confused. I thought that SecuROM required emulation in order for it to work. Is this no longer the case? Will running D-tools with no emulation enabled work only with SecuROM v5.x, or will it work with previous versions as well?

Thanks Copytrooper!

22.12.2003, 18:23
RMPS emulation is only needed from burned cd (RMPS media)
from image only DPM data in e.g. Alcohol mds-file is needed.
Anyway we'll check the RMPS blacklist issue ...

23.12.2003, 00:51
Spellforce also has this rmps blacklisting "feature". It has Securom 4.88 protection (disk 1).

23.12.2003, 03:48
Spellforce also has this rmps blacklisting "feature". It has Securom 4.88 protection (disk 1).

just don't use RMPS for the moment... stick to images.