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05.10.2007, 17:44
I've made important corrections of the Croatian language file. The newest and more-or-less final version for build 218 as of 5th October 2007 can be found here. I've also submitted it via the official form. Any criticism is welcome!
Note: Some messages, even though translated, stay in English because of a bug. I tried correcting the file where it shows 'Arabic', but it didn't help, so I've submitted the original made by Translator Tool 1.1 instead of the corrected one.

29.10.2007, 19:27
Should I change 'Hrvatski' to 'Croatian [Hrvatski]' and the file name to 'CRO.dll'? Also, should I re-upload that correction to disc-soft.com?

29.10.2007, 19:31
I would change it to Croatian (Hrvatski) and to CRO.dll.
I would reupload the correction.

29.10.2007, 19:44
I have made the corrections and reuploaded the file.

08.12.2007, 02:16
Here is the new language DLL for DAEMON Tools Pro 4.11.219. Any feedback is welcome!

13.12.2007, 19:30
Updated the language file to 13 Dec 2007.

18.01.2008, 00:54
Updated to 4.12.0220. Any constructive criticism is very welcome!