View Full Version : emulation problem

14.10.2007, 08:08
ok when im trying to run fifa 08 its reads the cd but then for a couple of sec. its says "conflict with emulation software detected" can some1 help me plz?

14.10.2007, 09:59
Use YASU. If this doesnt work for you, click on securom link and tell us what it says.

14.01.2008, 06:30
I have the same problem with this game... thing is there is no securom link when "conflict with emulation software detected" pops up.. I have also downloaded and installed the lastest YASU. Any ideas what else I can do?

14.01.2008, 10:25
You are using latest Daemon Tools Lite/Pro 4.11.2/4.11.0219?

14.01.2008, 14:11
the lack of a hyperlink seems possible.. i checked some other ea titles and the hyperlink text is blanked... so presumably this can be configured at the securom wrapping stage.. explains that 'mystery' :)

15.01.2008, 06:21
yep got it... I had to download the lastest version of Daemon lite. thanks