View Full Version : FM2008 aint loading?

17.10.2007, 05:49
Hey guys wondering if you can help me?
Trying to load football manager 2008 with yasu and damon tools

i have taken a screenshot of everythink http://img528.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fm2008zi9.jpg

What might be the problem cheers

17.10.2007, 09:51
Does it work with original disc? Also could you give me exe to scan exact copy protection (just upload to rapidshare or other file hoster and email this link to blazkowicz'at'discardmail.de)? Which YASU and Daemon Tools version are you running?

Also i dont see anything on your screenshot, just white.

17.10.2007, 13:43
7.34.13.. and yep screen shot was all white here too..

17.10.2007, 18:23
Is FM2008 released yet? I didn't think it was due for release in Europe before Friday 19. ;)

17.10.2007, 18:46
I noticed that many games are already available in stores a few days before the official release day. This game is no exception, so it is already being sold right now ;)

Speed Racer
23.10.2007, 16:51
I'm also having Issues, I have latest Daemon and YASU versions.

SS before running YASU:


SS after running YASU:


25.10.2007, 10:05
I don't know the technical details, but i guess Securom can figure out when it's being cloaked now, but since it can't do anything about it, it will prompt you to change it into another drive that it can detect.

The only workaround i found was to disable your physical drives and it would have no other option than to load it.

29.10.2007, 20:54
hi guys same problem here.
i am the better idiot could anyone give me idiot guide to use
yasu 1-4-1780

06.11.2007, 17:21
Here is a workaround, bit of a pain but it does work!

Mount the image with Daemon Tools
Cloak your drives
Disable your normal dvd drive in device manager
Load the game!

You can enable your dvd drive again and it will work for the entire session until you reboot.

Not sure if something can be done with YASU to stop having to use this workaround?