View Full Version : BIN file is created by which programm and can it used by Dtools?

25.12.2003, 17:06

25.12.2003, 17:33
Where'd you get the bin file if you don't know how it was created!?
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12.10.2004, 09:44
Bin files are most commonly used for karaoke. It is like a zip file that has multple files combined. I haven't seen a bin file for anything but karaoke yet. Bin files usualy come programs that strip songs from karaoke cds.

Speaking of karaoke. Is there a Daemon tools version that can read CD+G (cd with graphics)(Karaoke cds). :?

15.10.2004, 12:23
extract the image with (i.e.) isobuster and compile a new karaoke cd with nero.

23.10.2004, 07:04
i use mp3+g toolz to extract files from bin. but that is to play on my cdg player on my computer. if you want to make a cdg disk, i use WinCDG to make a cue file and use clone cd to make the disk.