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27.12.2003, 05:04
Operating System: Win2K
Burning Software: CDRWin, CloneCD, Nero
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

I'm having problems creating CD+G disks. I read a tutorial about loading my CD+G tracks into Daemon then using CloneCD to do a raw-DAO copy. Here's what I've done.
I installed Daemon Tools 3.43 originally, and was having problems. Turns out those original problems were through lack of understanding, but no matter. I uninstalled 3.43, and installed 3.02, from which the tutorial was given. I loaded my .cue file to Daemon tools, tested with WinCDG Pro 2 (success) and burned a CD with CloneCD. The CD played the audio on my karaoke machine, but not the lyrics. I then used CloneCD to burn an image, mounted that image in Daemon tools, and played the new image in WinCDG Pro 2. The audio was there but no lyrics. That was problem one.
Thinking it might require an updated Daemon Tools, I uninstalled 3.02 and reinstalled 3.43, corrected the problems I had before, and remounted the original .cue file. It now no longer displays the graphics in WinCDG. That was problem two.
The options I used in CloneCD were (as per the instruction of the tutorial) checked off "Read Sub-Channel", and "Only read the first session" under the audio tab.
My first problem could be caused by either CloneCD or Daemon Tools, or a combination there of, but the second problem should not be happening. If I was able to play CD+G tracks with 3.02, why would I not be able to do so with 3.43?
I'd appreciate any tips and/or success stories regarding the writing of CD+G files. Specifically which version of Daemon Tools would be best suited.