View Full Version : Alcohol's new update---> SAfeDisk 3!! but how does it work:(

27.12.2003, 12:36
hi all.. i want to copy call of duty as a backup
i tried to install it to test it... but it kept asking me for CD 2 .. even with this daemon tools program i was desperate

i started my alcohol 120% and it told me there was an update available..
so i downloaded the update and checked the new features...

safe disk 2/3 ... i checked the protection on this site wich protects call of duty.. and its safe disk 3....

but i dont really know how to make a good copy with alcohol i messed up enough CD's so if you guys could tell me how to make a good copy with safe disk 3 enabled... so i can make a 100% backup.

27.12.2003, 15:16
just use the profile "Safedisk 2/3". Test your Backup on CD-RW first, saves
you a lot of money. Which burner is used for backup?

14.01.2004, 13:43
SafeDisc 3 is a new "hard" Copy Protection
With new bad pattern included. Wich not all of the Burners on the
market can burn.
You cant use Betablocker anymore cause the bad pattern have
changed since SafeDisk 2.51.
The only way to get a function copy with all CD-Burners is to change
the bad patterns to a value so if they burned they have the same
value as the original. That was what Betablocker made.

I working on a tool for it. But at the moment you can only scan the
new patterns. (i working on it since SafeDisc 2.60)