View Full Version : Emulating a different drive???

27.12.2003, 12:55
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: CDRWin 3.9E
Anti-virus Software: NAV 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: D-Tools 3.43

D-Tools usually emulates the first physical CD/DVD drive on the system.
Is there any way to tell D-Tools to emulate the 2nd physical CD/DVD drive instead?

27.12.2003, 15:17
Do you mean drive letters? You can change this via diskmgmt.msc.

27.12.2003, 15:24
Or even via Daemon Tools -> Set Drive Parameters in Virtual CD/DVD-ROM menu :mrgreen:

27.12.2003, 20:44
That's not what I meant.
Usually, the virtual drive will pickup the characteristic of the first physical CD/DVD drive drive.
For example, if you have a DVD-Rom and a CD-RW drives (in this order) on your system, then the virtual drive will emulate a DVD-Rom drive.
So instead of the reversal of the drive letter assigned to the physical DVD-Rom and a CD-RW drives, can we tell D-Tools to emulate the CD-RW drive instead?

27.12.2003, 20:46
Daemon Tools virtual drives don't emulate whatever is found in system - they are virtual DVD-ROMs - that's it!