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04.11.2007, 09:40
Firstly I would like to say thanks.
Astroburn seems to be a nice program from my limited use.

However.. I would like to request the ability to either have Astroburn adhere to my Windows system colour scheme or instead offer the ability to choose a colour scheme.

The GUI design itself is nice and simple however the colour choice really looks out of place.

This also applies to DT Pro btw ;)


04.11.2007, 09:47
You want themes and skins.

I think developing and fixing bugs is more important as this little glitch Kitna.

04.11.2007, 10:31
I don't want themes and skins specifically.
I want it to respect my system colour settings.
In fact they would most likely have had to spend more time making it blue than if they'd just made it respect Windows system settings.

05.11.2007, 00:42
You're both right.
Bugs first of course - same for new features, but of course
also the "cosmetic" site is important.

And @Kitna: good suggestion, we will think about such settings

05.11.2007, 06:01
Thanks LoB :)

25.11.2007, 00:36
Implemented in
Thank you guys!