View Full Version : Keyboard actions

04.11.2007, 10:51
Just wanted to delete a file through Astroburn and del don't work. I have to rightclick and select delete to erase the file :(
Other keyboard actions also doesnt work.

So would be nice if this would be added.

Also i can't select burning speed 16x. My recorder and my selected blank media does support 16x. I can also select 16x in CopyToDVD.

04.11.2007, 11:32
I am able to delete files by pressing the delete key.
Maybe a bug?

04.11.2007, 11:36

I meant the files on the local disk and not on the project. On project it works but not on the local disks.

04.11.2007, 19:38
Sorry, I misunderstood :)

11.11.2007, 11:24
Just another one about keyboard.

In DT Pro i press alt+underlined character at top (file, help ...) and the menu will open. In Astroburn it doesn't work :(

Also in English Options isn't underlined, but the rest.