View Full Version : More exact error messages

04.11.2007, 11:04
Just got a fail burn with Astroburn and it only reported Faild to Burn. Not really exact, so would be nice if there would be a few more error messages.

Also a button to burn more copies of this project would be good. I just got the burning log here and can only press close, this button there would be nice.

Also it would be good if we could disable the message "Do you really want to burn these files".

05.11.2007, 00:44
Yes, this suggestions are indeed much appreciated!

We must raise the usability here - definitly! Hopefully we can
add alot of your suggestions with next update

07.11.2007, 15:59
A message if the verification is successfull or not would be nice. I assume if nothing is reported it was succesfully, but this is not sure.