View Full Version : General Issues with emulating Securon 4.8x Games

28.12.2003, 03:14
I've been having this trouble for some time. Games like Jedi Academy and others. Daemon Tools doesn't seem to be able to get past the protection. I've mounted my image using both Alcohol and Daemon Tools but no dice. I've written it at the slowest speed and burned it onto RMPS disck but still no dice. What are the reasons that Daemon Tools may fail to emulate, and what can be done about them? I've looked through the forums but I haven't found any comprehensive explanation of the reasons D-Tools can fail to emulate either RMPS disks or mounted images. It's been failing on me for some time but I've never had trouble finding no-cd fixes for my backups until Jedi Academy 1.01 so I ask about this one as an example only.
I've heard something about blacklisting but haven't been able to find out what the story is.

Also, is there a way of creating an image that is emulable from an RMPS backup? If I lose one of my originals i want to know I can still create workable images and possibly a backup from my backup.

Thanks all.


28.12.2003, 03:47
Actually, I have found that by reinstalling Daemon Tools and changing the DLL names, I have managed to get it to emulate version 1.00
However when I patch it to v1.01 it asks for the CD again. Is this to do with that blacklisting thing?