View Full Version : 3.43 causing BSOD ( KMODE_EXCEPTION ) and Hides CD drives.

29.12.2003, 01:05
Operating System: Windows 2000
Burning Software: Nero 6.3
Anti-virus Software: AGV 7.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

Well I've got a really strange problem for you guys, and it's all to do with the new installation.

Anyway the story goes like this:

#1 Before I installed 3.43 I uninstalled D-Tools 3.14. I also uninstalled ******** 3.19, since I was not using it anyway and I didn't want it's virtual drives conflicting with Daemon Tools.

#2 I installed 3.43, with the wizard. I also renamed the bus driver to "rjbus" and miniport driver to "rjport", just to ensure I don't get any more black listing issues.

#3 After installation I rebooted.

#4 Reboot was successful. I was a little sceptical here, as I heard that nForce 1 mobo's had a habit of BSOD at this point.

#5 After Win 2K loaded I checked my windows explorer. To my horror I found that my 2 CD drives ( Asus 52x CD-Rom & Asus 52x24x52 CD-RW ) drives were not listed. Only the Daemon-Tools virtual drive, along with the C: were listed in the explorer.

#6 I checked the hardware device listing onto to find that the entries for my CD drives had the yellow explanation mark.

#7 I then tried to restart the drive be reinstalling the drivers for the first CD drive. At that stage the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED came up and I was at BSOD.

#8 Disappointed, I then rebooted the machine into safe mode. Removed the bus and miniport drivers and reinstalled back to 3.41 to get things working again.

So close, yet so far. :(

Not sure if this helps but here is my system specs:

CPU -> Athlon XP +1900
Mobo -> Asus A7V-266 nForce 1 board. ( 3.13 nForce reference drivers )
Video -> On board
Audio -> Soundblaster Audigy 1
CD Drives -> CD-Rom = ASUS x52 max + CD-RW = ASUS 52x24x52x ( All using windows drivers - no 3rd part installed )
OS -> Windows 2000 SP4

I tried to locate the minidump file, but I couldn't locate it. Is there a way I can either "make" this file, or dump the system specs, to provide info for you guys?


29.12.2003, 02:25
If you have Windows Media Player in 2000 then most likely you have Roxio drivers - they are the cause of BSOD and also 'disappearence' of your drives. Please verify what drivers are listed for your real CDROMs in device manager - if you see cdralw2k.sys and cdr4_2k.sys then i cannot give any guarantees.

29.12.2003, 11:52
Operating System: Win2K SP4
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

i have the same problem of Ripperjack, but my drives still remain fortunatly.
To boot my windows I solved renaming d343bus.sys and d343port.sys
then, from control panel, i remove daemon tools, but i see most registry settings remain, and i can not reinstall the same version 3.43
so now i'm installing 3.41

31.12.2003, 12:47
Operating System: Win2k
Burning Software: -
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: V4.43

And no mor BSOD's :wink:
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