View Full Version : Save and load projects

09.11.2007, 14:52
There are users who burn the same project from time to time again and there is no option in Astroburn to save projects and load them then. It would be also good if we could tell Astroburn to burn 2 copies without pressing burn button again.

12.11.2007, 10:19
Now it is possible to save your project to ISO format and then burn it to disc with "Burn Image file to disc".
Save/Load project functionality will be surely added.

14.11.2007, 16:31
I should bring up the fact that this increases the disk space consumption with what normally would be a temporary file. So here's another request, some sort of saved project file extention using a very small file that could be reloaded as a new Astroburn project.

24.11.2007, 15:04
This feature is implemented in and a mod can close this thread.

08.12.2007, 01:14
Would it be possible to add the option to not prompt us to save as a project. This is a feature I almost never use, so I am forced to hit no every time I burn something.