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11.11.2007, 11:39
Attached is the first German translation for Astroburn It is, of course, possible it contains errors. If you find some, please report them in this thread.

Translated mainly by Blazkowicz, a little help from bismax and a few strings from Elandril.

If you find something is still in English, the reason is English language file doesn't contain this string like Ready.

23.11.2007, 23:23
German translation for AstroBurn attached.

24.11.2007, 13:09
good job, Blazkowicz, as usual!

24.11.2007, 17:00
Is it possible to get the customer version of Astroburn for testing purposes? [if it contains more functions and more strings] Like at DT we must see all of our translated strings to see if the size ain't too big.

The customer version of Astroburn can contain any water marks for security reason, if the dev team's afraid to see any pirated versions at the net. Also copy protections like at DTPro wouldn't disturb the translating process.

I gonna be more active after the middle of december due the end of my practical part of the study.

I apologize.

10.12.2007, 14:33
Sry for the delay, but i waited for another translator to recheck it. Elandril hasn't answered yet, so another of our team had to do it.

Updated translation with support for attached.

10.12.2007, 15:59

great job - as usual!

Just an additional idea:
What about stating both CRC-32 in your signature
once for DTP and once for Astroburn?

05.07.2008, 20:43
Latest German translation for 1.0.8 attached (there is a little bit older version in Setup if i remember correct).