View Full Version : Allow Joliet Extensions

12.11.2007, 22:21
I would like to be able to burn my data using mixed case long filenames.
I believe this is a component of the Joliet extensions?

15.11.2007, 22:06
Hmm, It appears that I can already choose ISO9660 + Joliet.
My problem cam from the fact that I can not change the file system after a disc is inserted. As such I was unaware that the other options existed.

17.11.2007, 17:48
Just backupped a movie with title SHERLOCK_HOLMES_DVD_4_1 with Astroburn and result in Explorer is SHERLOCK_HOLMES. File format is UDF.

17.11.2007, 22:03
I know in the case of a really long disc title, you have to DISABLE joliet. It's the ISO file system you want for this type of disc. It may be required to use both joliet and ISO of your disc type is UDF. I've seen that windows explorer will prefer the joliet name instead of ISO if both are present. (btw what I am writing I have learned from my experiences with Nero)