View Full Version : false virus alarm by "Avira Antivir"

14.11.2007, 20:47
Dear DT Pro users,

We have received recently several users complaints that "Avira Antivir" (www.avira.com) is alerting users about a possible Trojan-Virus (TR/Drop.RBot.A) in the "DTPro4100218Advanced.exe" File (of course DT products NEVER contained and can NOT contain in reality any kind of viruses!)

After our investigation we found out that after 7 November 2007 update "Avira Antivir" began to issue such fales alerts.
DT Pro team contacted Avira team and informed them about these false alarms.

The last available update for Avira Antivir was installed on November 13, 2007. And We have checked again DT Pro files with "Avira Antivir" after installation of the latest updates and realized that this false alarm is now gone.

It appears "Avira Antivir" bug was fixed on November 14-th, 2007.
So we strongly recommend to our customers who are using "Avira Antivir" to update Avira Antivirus to the last available update to avoid this mistaken message.

Best regards
DAEMON Tools Pro Support Team