View Full Version : WinOnCD 5.02 and D-Tools 3.43

29.12.2003, 17:30
Operating System: WinXP home SP1
Burning Software: WinOnCD 5.02 (SP2)
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

Hi there,
since I've installed d-tools 3.43, it seems that WinOnCD 5 with the SP2 doesn't work any more.

When I try to start WinOnCD, there comes an BSOD with a stop-message. After a reboot there's still the same problem.

I'm sure that d-tools is it that makes WOC crash. I'm using hdd-imaging software and I used a backup to have a functional system again.
I installed ONLY d-tools 3.43 and WOC still crashes.

Please don't say "Use a newer WOC version, v6 is better"! :|

thx for help...

29.12.2003, 18:19
Ok, don't use WinOnCD - it's crap :mrgreen:
Do you have minidump (in windows\minidump folder) we can check?

29.12.2003, 22:20
Unfortunately... no. I'm using an imaging system, but that takes much time...
but, has the problem something to do with your win9x-compatibly fixes on d-tools?
after all, it seems that many users have got a BSOD with the new version (i looked a bit in the forums)?