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Speed Racer
26.11.2007, 22:26
Says "confliction with emulation software detected" even with YASU running ;)

27.11.2007, 07:08
The trick is using Daemon-Tools 4.06. The new Securom seems to have blacklisted the latest one.

27.11.2007, 11:17
Have a look what Forum Search function (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/search.php?) says about Crysis ;)

Speed Racer
27.11.2007, 17:03
My bad, thanks anyway!

To make up for my mistake, here is the link for anyone else who searches and looks for 4.06:


01.12.2007, 23:15
help me. finds emultion. what Yasu your use? I use Yasu1.4 and Dt 4.06.Game not runing.What delete the driver of SECUROM?

02.12.2007, 09:16
heh securom doesnt use a driver.. doh... and deleting a protection's driver would hardly make the protection 'pass' now would it?

02.12.2007, 19:57
I had much instaled games with Securom protection. I thought that there can be a conflict version.I was mistaken? What reasons of refusal of start of game then can be?

P.S.I'm live in Ukraine,Sorry of my English.