View Full Version : v.3.43 won't install on 95B

29.12.2003, 22:58
Operating System: Windows 95B (OSR2.1) + USBSupp
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: http://www.free-av.com
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

Ok, I am trying to get a system together for my 4 year old so she can play her kiddie games and stop tying up my system. The cd-rom drive is intermittent and she is abusive to media so a cdrom emulator is a must.

I formatted the system and did a clean install of OSR2.1 OEM English. Then I installed USBSupp, the current MSI for 95, and a video driver.

The USBSupp seems to be working, as the USB Root Hub enumerates properly when I enable the USB IRQ in BIOS setup. I don't have a USB port to connect to the header on the mainboard, so I can't test to see if it actualy works.

When I try to install DT 3.43 on this box, it tells me USBSupp is not installed and asks if I want to download it.

Has DT dropped support for 95b? Is it compiled for MMX or greater optimizations? (I'm trying to get it to run on a pre-MMX P166). What else could I be missing?

29.12.2003, 23:10
You also need IE4 or higher (5.5 recommended) in Win95b.