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27.11.2007, 18:59

today i try the new 1.0.4 build cause i want to check the german translation ;)

now i found a bug unter x64 vista with my h22l device. i want to delete my 4x dvd rw and this task dont finish for me.

it will go to 100% and jump back to 60% and will go further to 100%.

this is a brand new rw (only one time i have used it) and applications like cdburnerse or nero i have installed for testing do the job right.

under astroburn i cannot cancel the task without the tast manager.

after restart and try it again the same problem so that i can confirm it for my pc.

any information do u need for fixing it? please write :)

28.11.2007, 10:12
Hi Hanschke (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/member.php?u=41438)!

It is normal behavior. You had just to wait a little :)

28.11.2007, 11:44
i dont think a waiting time about 10 minutes is ok for deleting a rw in fast modus.

no there is a mistake i think cause it starts a few times. 2 minutes for deleting is ok but not 10 and every few minutes a restart.

i can make u a video if you want to lookt at this.