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30.12.2003, 07:06
The section named: We're the Creators of Daemon Tools - Kiss our Butts, We're geniuses ya know!

Is it missing? Did I over look it?
Only, I'd like to add a post a there.

But as there is a little space here. (Mainly, it's lazyness preventing me looking further for the missing section.)

Here goes, Time to switch to creep mode.......(*Creep Mode* -=Engaged=-)

DAEMON TOOLS has to be the most simple, useful & reliable(rare) utilities, I have installed in very long time.
So now I'm 'Spreading The Word'. (Any weirdo's on the forum....That will be my friends & relatives, Sorry about that.) :roll:

So...WELL DONE and Many Thanks to all involved creating DAEMON TOOLS
Also, Thanks to the forum creators/staff for a great site.
(And, Thanks the poor buggers not involved, who had to read this!)

(Spring Fresh Buttocks Supplied By)...Steve Morgan AKA Kraken

06.01.2004, 05:38
gr8 app you guys came up with i think its easily the most popular freeware drive emulator :) thnx again m8