View Full Version : virtual CD/DVD-ROM capacity more than 650MB?

30.12.2003, 21:20
Operating System: XP Prof SP1
Burning Software: VCD Easy ( and Nero (
Anti-virus Software: McAfee (8.0.25)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

Just installed 3.43 and it works fine. I'm creating VCDs with menus and wish to test them using Daemon. My virtual drive seems to have a limit of 650mb. Any way to increase the capacity to 800? VCD gives me an error when I try to build a cue/bin greater than 650MB on the virtual drive.


30.12.2003, 21:30
? This seems to be an error in VCD - Daemon mounts bin/cue images >650MB fine - just tested with 764MB bin/cue image.

30.12.2003, 21:47
Thanks much for your reply. My bad.......It wasn't daemon at all. My entire disk drive only had 650mb left. Everything works fine.

30.12.2003, 22:49
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