View Full Version : No iso creating for audio cd

07.12.2007, 19:14
When selecting audio cd i can't use saving as iso image :(

07.12.2007, 20:27
Is it possible to save an audio cd iso with Nero?

07.12.2007, 20:29
Don't know as i don't use Nero ;)

07.12.2007, 20:30
In my opinion, it is not possible... Only creating an image of an real audio cd works on my pc.

08.12.2007, 02:28
In PlexTools Professional XL, I'm usually able to write a project as an .iso image instead of writing it to disc. But with audio cd projects, I only have the option to save it as a .pxi image (Plextor's image format). And that option doesn't really work ;) It seems it is not too unusual that burning software has limitations when it comes to this. Maybe because of the added complexity with multiple tracks? I don't know...

08.12.2007, 03:56
Audio CDs cannot be saved as standard ISO images.

08.12.2007, 04:30
Maybe the option to save as bin+cue could be added?