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30.12.2003, 23:15
A uninstall program or cleanup program, which is able to remove anything any version of daemon tools has ever made(files, reg etc.)? I'm having so many problems which I think is because I forgot to uninstall correctly and then 'fumbling' around with regedit and deleting files in the system32 dir.

Oh well just a suggestion =)

31.12.2003, 19:12
If you think deleting random files in the system folder is going to fix things, then you probably shouldn't be using daemon tools....let alone a computer. :wink:

01.01.2004, 11:22
random files? Just files any version of daemon tools ever installed=)

Anyway I did manage to get 343 to work, I'm sure it would have been easier had I been able to just run a program, which removed certain files.

01.01.2004, 12:15
Better you don't "forget" to uninstall correctly! Then you won't need a stupid clean-up prog! Never try to "remove" Daemon Tools by registry hacking/cleaning! Use uninstall via control panel -> software only!

01.01.2004, 12:34
Afterall, if you renamed drivers then no uninstal program could find out what to delete, so, as Copytrooper said, it is YOU who must take care that all files are removed. In normal situation setup is designed to remove all devices and services from your system, but if you start hacking registry manually or try to delete with other methods then no guarantee can be given.

01.01.2004, 12:48
Isnt version 343 the first version where you can rename the drivers?
And yes it was my own stupidty that I forgot to do a good uninstall(I'm not sure that was it but maybe);
doesnt change the fact it would have been nice with such a prog. I didnt 'fumble' around with regedit before I got the errors.

I have a post on the support forum, which describes some of my 'fun' :P

It does work now, so I'm content =))

01.01.2004, 12:54
Yes, 3.43 was first official version with driver renaming.
And if you do rename then be careful and watch that after uninstall all files are deleted indeed. If registry is intact and nothing is wrong (no BSODs during setup etc.);
then setup would remove automatically even renamed files - you should not bother.

01.01.2004, 13:01
Well it was just a suggestion, I do think I'll be more carefull in the future, perhaps it was my burner or blindwrite which caused my problems in the first place, who knows =)



01.01.2004, 18:41
You could also run http://www.macecraft.com/downloads/RegSupreme_setup.exe if you're worried about stray registry entires. It's only a 30 day trial (used to be free. :( )

Good luck.

02.01.2004, 09:08
i second that request. i've followed the uninstallation direction as it's posted in the DAEMON Tools Help section. once just using add or remove and next one with uninstalling pnp bios extension driver then uninstalling via add or remove.
Now when i want to reinstall the 3.44 the installer is asking to rename the driver. i checked the registry and left over d-tool registry entries are everywhere. people shouldn't have to be asked to rename the driver especially he or she actually follwed the uninstallation procedure as described in here or in the help file. i want to manully delete all the leftover dtool registry entries but i am afraid i might leave out some entries and make the system unusable or at the least not be able to reinstall dtool again. you guys made this program and you know the best what gets installed and where. it shouldn't be too hard for you guys to make and decent uninstaller program so at least it can rid of the driver entries so people wont have to deal with failed installation and driver rename.

02.01.2004, 13:50
If you use Daemon Tools uninstall from Add/Remove it will ALWAYS remove all files and driver entries from registry - that is what it was desined for. There is no need for any additional uninstallers. But if your system is damaged in such a way that even setup could not remove its drivers, then i doubt any other program will help.
You must always uninstall with Add/Remove only - do NOT manually remove anything from Device Manager!!! If you do so then some files will be left on your system - uninstaller will not be able to find them if you remove 'PnP BIOS extension' manually before uninstall. It can be done only in emergency cases when setup fails or you get BSOD - then you will need also to remove manually all files and services. So do not make any registry hacks or device manager changes unless ABSOLUTELY necesary -use ONLY 'Add/Remove' if you want to uninstall clean. Then reboot.

02.01.2004, 18:41
if Add/Remove will clean out everything but not the 2nd manual procedure that's posted in the Tools Help section, then it should've been noted that the 2nd procedure is only recommended for those who had BSOD during installation or steup failures. The way it was presented there make it seem like it's an alternative to the 1st removal option or a more thorough uninstallation procedure since one has to do one extra step. i hope others read this so they can avoid what i've gone through yesterday. I did clean out all the registry entries using the venerable regcleaner. let's hope nothing got messed up in the process

02.01.2004, 18:58
Ok. we'll make it more clear. Thanks for your note.

02.01.2004, 21:27
yes thanks for considering my suggestion. daemon tools is a good program and having a good Help file will even make it that much better for all of us to use.
on a sidenote, apparently Regcleaner wasn't able to clean out the d-tool service registry entries. Nor will the update Regsupreme or Easycleaner.
Odd thing is none of those three will even show d-tool service entry present in the registry. It appears as though manually deleteing is the only option.
I still would like to see an optional uninstaller for those with problems simliar to mine or at the least a tutorial of manual registry cleane such as where to look for the d-tool registry entries etc. But letting people know about not using device manager to uninstall is a start.
Anyways keep up the good work and i'll be on another quest to look for a regcleaner that will actually clean out leftover files

02.01.2004, 21:57
You could also use nullsoft install system. I love it. :D


I haven't had any problems with the msi though. :?: