View Full Version : Maybe some help (v343)

31.12.2003, 01:32
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Anti Vir
DAEMON Tools Version: 343

A little story, I have been using DT for along time, and havent had any problems until 3.41 where it one day decided that I wasnt allowed to decrease the number of drives(devices) without crashing. I tried all kinds of things to no use. So I just let it be =)

Then today I installed 343, uh uh things did not go good, crash-crash-safemode-crash, good thing that you now can press esc during safemode boot. So I was able to stop the shitty thing from crashing XP, but couldnt get it to run. So I read alot of more posts in here and checked for every 'file' that might cause the error, aswell as doing some regedit things. Still didnt do much.

Then I uninstalled blindwrite, disconnected my Plextor burner and once more removed some files(had tried to install 341 again without luck). Well this time everthing worked like it should, I did also rename the bus and port thingies.

Everything works now, I did reconnect my cd burner without any problems =)

I'm unsure what did the trick, but my guess (besides removing files like the *shark*) is either burner or blindwrite. Hopefully it can help some of you =)