View Full Version : Burn image to disc ignores selected speed.

09.12.2007, 10:24
Steps to duplicate:
1. Choose "Burn image to disc"
2. Browse for the image and select speed.
3. Click start

In that dialog I chose 4x, however Astroburn burnt my disc at 8x.

09.12.2007, 10:45
Please disregard.
This appears to be a misinterpretation of the log output by me.

09.12.2007, 17:07
Yes, but as it is today, it is quite simple to misunderstand. Because it says f.ex. "Device reported speed: 16x" if the blank disc (and the burner) supports 16x burning speed. This can easily be misinterpreted as "actual speed".

Perhaps a rewording of this string?

09.12.2007, 23:35
I agree that a rewording would be good.
Perhaps showing the actual burning speed would be good too.
Currently I can only guess how fast it burns based on how long it takes.