View Full Version : On UDF data discs all files and folders are in uppercase

09.12.2007, 18:55
Blazkowicz has already mentioned this in the sticky thread, but I thought this deserved its own thread.

When burning a UDF data project, all folder and file names are in uppercase.

This bug makes UDF data projects unusable to me, as the files are no longer identical copies. Well yes, the contents are the same, this is only TOC-related and so forth, but I would have to manually rename thousands of files to their original file names. And my time is better spent doing other things.

09.12.2007, 18:58
I posted this issue already in another thread as the sticky mastermind ;)

09.12.2007, 19:02
Then I'm sorry that I didn't see it. But perhaps it's not bad that someone re-addresses the problem.

09.12.2007, 23:33
Perhaps it will get fixed as a part of this:

Known issues:
- Unicode is not supported for UDF