View Full Version : Automatic eject on completion

10.12.2007, 00:30
It would have been great if there could be an option to disable automatic eject of tray when a process has completed.

I have a tower chassis with a closable "door" in front. That means that if I (or someone) have been stupid enough to close this door in the middle of an Astroburn process, I risk damaging my drive.

Actually, I've always preferred to disable automatic eject, even without the good reasons I have now. I think this is up to individual taste, and should be a user preference.

I'll be very happy if you consider this.

13.02.2008, 15:09
I second this. I always disable that when installing burning software. It's the first thing I do when I open the app for the first time. :)

19.02.2008, 18:50
Third...I have never liked it when burning software automatically ejects the disc, especially when I intend to use it right afterwards! Perhaps a check box on the burning progress window that would read "eject disc upon completion" might be suitable.

23.02.2008, 16:18
good suggestions!

BTW: I dont like automatic eject myself :D