View Full Version : Error 25001 during installation!?

09.12.2002, 20:41

I am trying to install daemon tools v3.26 under windows xp NOT sr1.

But it fails with the (famous) last words:

Error 25001. Device setup error: code -536870377. Contact your support personnel.

In the past it failed once with the following message:

Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25006. Contact your support personnel.

If I may provide you some more information about my system... just ask for!



09.12.2002, 20:49
The information you want to have in a bug-report:

The bug/problem (obviously)
o.k. - see above!

Operating System and any major updates (service packs, etc...)
o.k. - see above!

Version of Daemon-Tools
o.k. - see above!

ALL burning software or other cd emulation software
FORGOTTEN: Nero v5.5.19, Feurio v1.63

Have you or are you running easy cd creator?

Thats it.

10.12.2002, 18:40
Did you have any software/services running in background during install (especially virus scanner)??

10.12.2002, 19:54
I also have this problem with 3.26

tried to install it in win .net rc2, same error as you got.

3.23 installs perfectly so you might want to try that one

11.12.2002, 23:29
I too get the error, but with a different code:

Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25004

I upgraded to 3.26 from 3.16. Since then I have not been able to get D-tools installed. During the 3.26 installation the machine is restarted. At the end of the restart WinXP does an auto-reboot. At the end of that reboot the "new hardware" wizard wants to install drivers. Doing so results in another auto-reboot. Meanwhile the 3.26 installer gives me a 25006 device setup error code.

I then tried other versions (3.23, 3.20 and finally 3.16) but none worked. I still do not have my old setup back. I believe that something went wrong in the uninstallation of 3.16. Is there a way to do the installation manually?

I use WinXP corporate, WITHOUT sp1
I have Nero and CDRWin 4.0A installed
I had Virtual CD4 installed, but removed it (to the best of my knowledge)
I have not used easy cd creator, nor can I find any reference to it on my machine
I am NOT running anti-virus or firewall software

Thanks in advance!