View Full Version : schrink effect on partition

31.12.2003, 16:02
Operating System: Win 2000 SP4
Burning Software: no one (iso downloaded)
Anti-virus Software: antivir, spybot S&D, adaware
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

Hello, :D

i want to use this downloaded files, it's a linux distribution, which not needs it's own partition and can works in a windows file: topologi-linux (http://topologi-linux.sourceforge.net/dnload.php)

as i've no Cd burner i intended to use daemon tool to read the iso images, but:

i didn't reach to install the software (it needs to reboot on CD)

and worst my partition were i intend to install has schrink from approx 30Gb to 10

i uninstalled daemon tool and had reboot but the partition is still in this 'bad state'...

my first question is how to regot my partition in its originate size

and the second question is how to do to reboot on a iso image instead of a physical CD

Many thanks to answer