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21.12.2007, 21:36

short question - what are the correct settings for creating and burning a Video-DVD? Is it enough to just drop AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder into the list, then select UDF-option for filesystem and push burn button? Will this result in a DVD-Video compliant disc that can be played back on standalones?


Tschens Brems
22.12.2007, 07:33
I asked myself the same question recently.
It would be helpful if Astroburn would have a burning profile called "DVD Video" where it automatically creates the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders where the user has to put the files in.

22.12.2007, 09:38
As far as i remember CopyToDVD sets filesystem to UDF when selecting DVD Video. So it should be enough to set filesystem to UDF and create these both folders.

Tschens Brems
22.12.2007, 10:56
I think the developers could make our lifes easier just by adding "(DVD Video)" after "Data:UDF". The everybody can be sure that this is the correct file system to create a DVD Video.

22.12.2007, 13:33
this is already on our to-do list ;)

22.12.2007, 15:24
Nice to hear :-)

By the way, I wish you all a very mery Christmas!

23.12.2007, 22:55
That is good to hear, because I can Nero finally removed from the disk.