View Full Version : VXP error

01.01.2004, 15:46
Operating System: W98 2nd edition
Burning Software: BlindWrite 4.5.7
Anti-virus Software: Virus scan 4.51
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I bought a barbie game named Swan Lake which doesn't work on my PC (PIII 450 MHz, CD x4). I create an image with BlindWrite 4.5.7 (thank you very much for your usefull help files). I install the latest Daemon tool version but I have a blue screen with a VXD error when the game starts (even if I stop the antivirus tool). I tried the Blindwrite files on my neighbor 's PC (Windows XP, CD x24, VirusScan 7, DaemonTool 3.44) which are perfectly working there.

Could you help me?
PS I am feed up with these game protections. I have an old PC, but my version of W98 is a bought one and I found it sufficient for kid usage.

01.01.2004, 17:08
What VXD? We need more info.