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22.12.2007, 15:09
Here is lithuanian language translation of DAEMON Tools Pro v4.10 218. It is not full. About 68% of text lines are translated. Text lines 5000-5290 are not translated. Some lines may be filled by Auto Fill. I will translate it later and then I will start to translate DAEMON Tools Pro v4.11 219.

28.12.2007, 00:50
Here is full DAEMON Tools Pro v4.10 218 lithuanian translation. Enjoy :D!

28.12.2007, 00:57
There is no reason to create separate translation for previous version. The DT Pro translations are backward compatible.

By the way, remember to use latest source language file, released shortly after the DT 4.11.0219 release:

28.12.2007, 01:52
Ok, I have a question about language file name's three letters. How I should to name lithuanian language file. Which of file names for lithuanian language is correct: LIT; LTH; LTL; LIE or LTU? Why?

28.12.2007, 02:51
LTU is the abbreviation code for the country Lithuania, LTH is the abbreviation for the language Lithuanian.

Please see this page for a full overview:

There you will also find the hexadecimal language ID (in the left-most column).

28.12.2007, 16:58
Now here is full lastest DAEMON Tools Pro v4.11 219 lithuanian language translation :). Where I should to upload it?

28.12.2007, 17:10
Haven't you received upload instructions in an e-mail from the DT team? I received it with the subject "Result file uploading". It's an upload page at disc-soft.com

28.12.2007, 17:27
I haven't received it. If I received it, it was in spam folder. I don't waching what is in there and deleting all letters in it. In this forum account e-mail I am getting much of spam. Another my acount with good e-mail is banned by this forum anti-spam protection system wrongly. So how I can get this letter from DT team?

28.12.2007, 17:45
I just send you the special link ;)
So it's resolved where to send the translation to.


Ask an admin about your tag :D

28.12.2007, 17:45
I just did the same thing ;)