View Full Version : YASU & NFS: Pro Street 1.1

25.12.2007, 21:51
Is anyone having having this problem: Even with YASU enabled and cloaking, I still requires my original dvd or a 1.1 no-dvd crack (not really want i want to use) since my 1:1 copy of nfs:ps wont work now. it says emulation detected every time I load the game up no emulation options are present in dt and i'm using XP x64. This problem wasn't apparent with 1.0 version of nfs:ps

26.12.2007, 12:33
Which version of DT are you running? Also you shouldn't talk about crack.

26.12.2007, 19:01
I'm using Daemon Tools 4.10 with YASU 1.4 7080

I do apologise about speaking about said crack, but it's relevant to the problem i'm having. Plus my post was moderated before it could be viewed here ;)

27.12.2007, 13:34
4.10 is outdated! Use 4.11 (http://www.disc-soft.com/freetrial) instead.