View Full Version : Running Installation off of HD

02.01.2004, 20:00
:lol: Hey guys, Im trying something new, well heres my question.

I copied The files from both of my CD's of Need for Speed Underground Onto my Hard Drive. I want to install the game off of my hard drive. I can install the first CD but when it ask to insert the second CD i am not quite sure how to make it run from my HD. Any Suggestions, Thanks Guys


02.01.2004, 20:55
You don't want to copy the files onto your hard drive. You want to use daemon tools to make a image,mount it,then install. However, if and when it asks for cd 2, you might be able to select the directory you copied cd 2 into. I doubt that would work though.

02.01.2004, 22:04
You can try subst command to assign a drive letter to folder with copied files.