View Full Version : SecuROM 7.x: Unable to find device(s) to cloak

31.12.2007, 14:20
hi, i'm relatively new to this software and i realized when i was trying to run YASU 1.40(7080) to play football manager 08(fm08), the above msg occurred. However, SafeDisc 4.x was successfully cloaked. i tried unmounting the image and disabling the virtual drive and ran YASU again but it showed the same error msg again. can anyone help me with this problem? thanks.

Glopn Slopn
08.01.2008, 05:53
have you placed YASU into your DAEMON tools directory?

08.01.2008, 08:43
@Glopn Slopn

If not, this YASU version would complain.