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02.01.2004, 21:51
Long time ago iґve written a "keep on ruling" to your team and also i am kinda proud... u did so.
Now i hope i can help u with a Prog ive found on the net. It is a Plugin to your Software that let users mount and unmount (the actual Filetypes too BWT f.e.)

The URL is http://www.aldostools.com/daemount.html
and its lotsa better than fastmount and awxdtools. (i think so) cause its updated sooner (maybe a programmers hobby?) and supporting the actual filetypes with a fast "mount unmount" right click.
Spybot didnt recognized anything.
But u have to contact the programmer if u could make it public on your puplic pages.

I hope i could help.
keep on ruling :-)

02.01.2004, 21:58
Ever looked into our download section, Doc? :mrgreen:
I like awxDTools more, 'cause it fits exactly my needs - but favors are different ...

04.01.2004, 00:35
Hehehehe, the programmer of daemount is part of our team, doc.
Please visit our downloadsection :)

06.01.2004, 11:52
Hi, I just wanted to suggest to make daemount the default frontend for daemon tools, it could help many beginners. What do you think about it?